Thursday, December 01, 2005

Secret Start to New Council

Soon to be Mayor Mark Mallory showed his skills at Roberts Rules of Order with the manner in which the new rules of Council were chosen. This maneuver included picking chairpersons of Council Committees:
New City Council committees, and their chairmen, are:

Finance: Democrat John Cranley.

Law and Public Safety: Democrat Cecil Thomas.

Economic Development: Charterite Chris Bortz.

Vibrant Neighborhoods, Environment and Public Services: Democrat Laketa Cole.

Arts, Culture, Tourism and Marketing: Charterite Jim Tarbell.

Education, Health and Recreation: Republican Chris Monzel.

Rules: Democrat Jeff Berding.
Mallory showed a different side by appointing Chris Bortz and Chris Monzel to committee chair positions over that of Democrat David Crowley. Why does Chris Monzel, the guy who led the fight to make Abortion rights a city issue, get the Education, Health and Recreation committee?

Greg Korte has much more on the "secret meeting."

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