Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bronson Perpetuates Schmidt Lie

Peter Bronson has let the power get to his head. He hates Bill Clinton so much, that he is now is doing what Bill Clinton did over the meaning of words. Jean Schmidt called Rep. Murtha a coward. Did she literally or "technically" do it? That depends on the meaning of "is." Her intent and her inference are ABUNDANTLY CLEAR. Bronson shouldn't be allowing Jean Schmidt to continue to lie to the voters in her district. She intended, fully intended, to paint Murtha as a coward, and in turn paint all Democrats and those who don't blindly follow Fearless Leader™ as cowards as well.

To play a game of semantics is not only dishonest, it is foolish. Bronson shows he is more about party than about truth. This is plain cold truth. She did it, end of story. This is not a debate about what should be in the budget or over Federal regulator policy. This is about an individual who lacks the skills and temperament to hold a Federal Public Office. If she wants to run for dogcatcher, than she might do a good job. Every Toto in Milford would live in fear. Don't let the truth live in fear when she is on the floor of the House of Representatives.

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