Monday, January 03, 2011

So...'We Demand a Vote,' Where's the Outrage about $809M?

The I-74 expansion is thoroughly described by UrbanCincy's Jake Mecklenborg. It is a plan that does nothing but continue our transportation system down the high cost wasteful path we have been on for 60 years.

I've yet to year the coalition of groups, called "We Demand a Vote," come out with a press release denouncing this boondoggle and demanding that the Citizens of Hamilton County vote to approve any spending for building new or upgrading existing roads. This new road will not pay for itself and there is no budget for its maintenance and operation in either the City, County, or State budgets.

After all, its not like anyone on the West Side is going to ever travel to the East Side (or visa versa).

So I expect to see a new ballot issue to require the citizens vote on this plan prior to spending a dime on it. I don't just expect to see, I demand to see it. (Cough, cough)


  1. Meanwhile, gas prices have risen to an average of $3.11 across the state and oil executives predict $5/gallon by 2012. At what point do rail opponents face reality and realize that rail is cheaper, cleaner, more efficient, less reliant on foreign oil, better for our health, and better for our economy?

  2. as soon as we see a plan for the people and not just for a handful of businesses.

    But hey, as soon as Kasich gave the transportation $$ away, what are we left with except to fix our roads.

    Debating about the streetcar took our eyes off the real transportation prize.

    Long-range plan result (desired or not):
    OTR gets their streetcar, the rest of us get streets to repair. *shrugs*

  3. Take-away point: It's not like anyone from the west side will be traveling to the east side, or vice versa. Proving that this road is useless :)

  4. I see they might demand a vote again on the streetcar. I hope the city moves fast to make it harder to justify a new ballot issue.


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