Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When, Where, and How Did Monzel and Hartmann Discuss Dismissal?

So, let me get this straight. Republicans Greg Hartmann and Chris Monzel held a vote without notice to fire Hamilton County Administrator Patrick Thompson.

Did they use smoke signals to plan this out? Did they send carrier pigeon messages back and forth scheming such a plot?

I'd like to know what kind of meetings they had on this topic. When did they have them? Where did they have them? Did they give fellow commissioner Todd Portune ample or at least any notice they were planning on meeting to discuss staffing choices? It is my understanding that staffing decisions can avoid sunshine laws by holding such discussions in executive session. The question is, can you have an executive session without informing all of the members of the commission about such a meeting?

Few will question the Republicans, they get to do what they want and ignore the laws they don't like.

CityBeat's Kevin Osborne has more, especially the categorical comment from Monzel that Brad Beckett will NOT get Thompson's job. The county is safer and less scum like without even the potential of someone like Beckett having such a job hanging over our heads. I really hope Kevin got that quote on tape. I don't trust Monzel to do the right thing, especially in light of the secret planning and/or meeting with Hartmann. Expect more shady dealing from the Terrible Two on Commission.


  1. Monzel hires a florist & then pisses away a quarter million dollars.
    Maybe he will hire his mechanic for the job.

  2. Like the blog, just found it, but I look forward to reading more about local issues. Thanks!

  3. Word is that Becket is the actual author of the vile Whistleblower tattle sheet. The guy nust have some serious mental issues.


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