Monday, January 03, 2011

So, Anyone Think Amy Murray Will NOT Fill Monzel's Seat?

WVXU has a story today reporting that the Hamilton County Republican Committee will be meeting tonight to select someone to fill Chris Monzel's Cincinnati City Council Seat. Leslie Ghiz and Charlie Winburn 'offically' get the appointment, but they are expected to do what the county party wants.

Great, the anti-City Republicans (which in my opinion make up about 90% of local Republican Party officials) get to pick who will serve on City Council. I would love to know how many voting tonight actually live in the city. That would be a great news item for a professional reporter to dig up.

Amy Murray was the next highest Republican vote getter in the 2009 election and would be the fair and logical choice. The tone in the media and the actions of Mrs. Murray indicate she is the front runner. I have heard that many or at least a powerful few in the local GOP want Brad Wenstrup, the failed 2009 Republican Mayoral candidate. I've not heard his name mentioned for a while, and he may no longer want the job, but as Ghiz referenced in the article, it wouldn't be the first time the local GOP screwed over a woman Republican. If Murray is not the pick, Ghiz should stand up to the outsiders in her party and nominate Murray. I don't know how it would work if she and Charlie Winburn don't agree, but I would hope Charlie wouldn't stand to see someone who worked for it, not get what is fairly their's. Yet, no one can actually trust Winburn, and Winburn's buddy, Sam Malone, was the person who denied Ghiz's appointment back in 2005, in favor of Chris Monzel. If I were Amy Murray, I wouldn't trust anyone.

UPDATE: The Enquirer Politics Extra blog is reporting there are Five candidates being interviewed tonight by the 40 member GOP committee. They are: Amy Murray, Lamont Taylor, Wayne Lippert, Jr., Sam Malone, and Mike Robison. Reportedly, Brad Wenstrup isn't being interviewed. That makes Four ways the GOP could screw over Murray. If anyone on the committee votes for Sam Malone, please name them publicly, so they may be ridiculed appropriately.

UPDATE #2: The Enquirer's Politics Extra blog has an update on Brad Wenstrup. He's out of the mix for the council seat and says he was his choice.


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