Monday, January 24, 2011

The West End Church of Rock and Roll

The West End has long been a neighborhood slow with development, but a new revitalization of a church is underway. A team of three has plans to turn the former First German Reformed Church, built in 1850, into a combination of live music venue, art gallery, music school, and possibly a restaurant. One of the three is a member of the well known local band Foxy Shazam, and look to capitalize on their experience nationally in the music business to make this new venue a destination for bands. That would put it on par locally with the Southgate House, Northside Tavern, MOTR, and the Mad Hatter as the main local music venues, where each have nearly daily shows. The other direction this new venue could take would be to model after the Madison Theater, 20th Century, or Bogarts. Each of those venues hold a few events a week, at most. They are a long way off from opening the venture, but their passion I believe bodes well for the renovation to be completed.

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  1. That church needs some serious TLC but it's great to see these guys step up to the task. Churches are known for good acoustics and I hope this is no exception. Best of luck to this crew.

    The photo I recently posted was taken on this church's block.


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