Monday, January 10, 2011

Why is Deputy John Haynes Still Working for the Sheriff's Department?

The Cincinnati Enquirer laid out the background on a lawsuit against the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department and Four Deputies. One of them is John Haynes. His problems while a Deputy reportedly include more than one excessive use of force charges as well as a DUI. Why is he still employed with the Sheriff's Department?

Before anyone in the City thinks about getting involved with the Sheriff's Department, how certain are they that this type of protection of bad apples is not the norm? Is it worse than the CPD? Can we afford to take a step back on police communities relations in order to save money?


  1. This deputy is a dangerous psychopath and needs to lose his gun and badge forever, and immediately. Here's hoping that karma gets him ASAP.

  2. BTW, the City's flawed contract with the FOP makes it nearly impossible to get equally rotten psychopaths off of the CPD, thanks to a biased arbitration process that almost always reinstates bad cops to their jobs with back pay.


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