Friday, January 28, 2011

Enquirer Gushes Over Berding

I didn't know it was possible for newspaper editorial page to have a crush on an elected official, but I think the Enquirer would have his baby after reading this gushing selective editorial rendition of the soon to be former council member.


  1. Wow, they celebrated his vote to turn Cincinnati's oldest homeless shelter into condos. A homeless shelter so benign that it's next to two museums and a Cathedral and you didn't even know it existed until 2 weeks ago.

    Berding really does have a sick fixation on hating the homeless. Of course, when you close shelters, that puts them on the street, on the courthouse steps, and near parking for Lord Brown's Manse. Can't have that!

    And I totally echo Schwartz about it being fucked up that he quit to spend more time with the Bengals.

  2. The Enquirer does have crushes. When Greg Harris proposed these ideas last year (contracting with sheriff, reforming fire dept), the Enquirer ignored him and branded him a Mallory lacky. When Berding, after 7 years on Council, finally addressed police & fire reform (and only after they turned on him for the streetcar vote), they praise his "courage" for taking on entrenched power. Their favortism and biases are transparent and pitiful. Jeff's so called "fiscal conservatism" is rooted in closing services that help people, not challenging powerful unions (FOP & fire) that fleece the public.

  3. ^^^What SW said! Berding is yet another Worstwood Concern/FOP flunky and panderer, good riddance to him. We'll get Kevin Flynn as his replacement, so pretty much the same difference. Flynn is another one of the FOP's pet poodles, and he shamelessly panders to the westside crowd.


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