Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chris Smitherman's Ego Swollen Like Large Zit

I don't know how Chris Smitherman could make more of a pathetically non-committal attention ploy, than he did when making public his plans to maybe run for council this year and/or definitely maybe running for Mayor in 2013.

If Smitherman was really concerned with the welfare of the city, then he would have the courage and commitment to actually announce his candidacy. Instead we get a hint of the circus he'll likley put forth if he actually spends the time and formally gets in the race for city council or maybe the mayorship or maybe both (or not).

We don't need a circus. We don't need an ego maniac looking to push their personal agenda ahead of the city, taking up the media's attention this election cycle. We need serious people with serious resolve. Chris Smitherman should do us all a favor and stay out of the government. We don't need his antics.

If there's a doctor in the house, I would hope they could lance Smitherman's ego, and let the swelling quell.


  1. this all seems kinda deja vu-ish....

  2. He'll probably wait and see if his petition buddies get enough signatures for another anti-streetcar ballot initiative. Strong tin-foil hat turnout will COAST him into a top nine finish. (Hey-o!)

  3. Has anyone seen his Glenn Beck imitation on local cable? The first time I saw it I thought it was a nightmare. Come to think of it, it is a nightmare.


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