Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jeff Berding to Resign From Cincinnati City Council

In a surprise move, Jeff Berding, independent Cincinnati City Council Member, will resign his seat within the "next few weeks" according to an Enquirer article. Council Member Chris Bortz is slated to choose Berding's replacement, who would serve out the rest of the current term.  The Enquirer reports that Bortz, a Charterite, will not consult the Charter Committee on the council appointment.
The other news in the article is that Bortz himself has not committed to running again for council this year, just that he will not resign.  This would be his last election before the term limit would set in.  His a relatively new father, who may be, like Berding, wanting to focus part of his life elsewhere.
This appointment will make it three unelected members on City Council, and unless Jim Tarbell is the pick to replace Berding, there will be three very shakey seats up for relection, if not more.  This opens up the race for Council this year quite a bit.  Bortz likley will pick someone more centrist, along the lines of Berding.  If Bortz does not run again, that would really be the sign for a shake-up of the power structure come November.

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