Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Does Chabot Have Any Friends in Congress?

The Enquirer's political blog reported on the SOTU last night and gave a summary of what the Ohio delegation was doing during and after the speech. All of the Ohio Senators and Representatives sat together, regardless of party, except for three, all from Southwest Ohio. John Boehner of course had to sit in the Speaker's chair behind the president, so that is understood. Jean Schmidt was getting handshakes and autographs by sitting along the center aisle, something self serving, but not partisan or anti-social. Chabot stood in the aisle along on the right side of the chamber. The article indicates that when he got there all the seats were taken, so no one in the Ohio delegation saved him a seat. Man, that must suck. I would have thought he would still have some friends in the delegation to meet up with, but he doesn't seem to like any Democrats, personally, so I guess he couldn't find anyone to partner up with. I am seeing a friendless man, a congressman who lacks the personal relationships to get things done for the Ohio 1st district. Chabot will continue his historical practice of doing nothing to help his district prosper, but instead do what his party wants, which will help him get re-elected. What a waste. That's what an ignorant and apathetic electorate gets you.

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