Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Norwood Republican Candidates Announced

Citizens For a Better Norwood, a pro Norwood PAC, list Norwood's Republican candidates for City offices for the 2011 elections. They report that as soon as the Democratic endorsements are announced, they will be published.

I don't know anything about Norwood politics or even it's form of government, but I can glean from this listing that they have a combination of at-large and district representation. It is more interesting that they have other city wide offices other than Mayor. Those talking about changing Cincinnati City government structure should look how there's works. Norwood is not known as having a history of good government, so I hope those looks at Norwood are skeptical. Why Norwood still exists is another mystery. They should have been annexed by the City long ago.


  1. Norwood is a statutory city. It doesn't have a charter, so it takes the "default" form of government for Ohio cities. That makes it a big of an anomaly in southwestern Ohio, but it's more the norm up north.

  2. I'll give you one fact that might help you: Norwood has three paramedic units, Cincinnati 12 (before any recent closures). If Cincinnati had as many as Norwood does, based on population, Cincinnati would have 45. There are heart attack survivors who are alive because they had a heart attack in Norwood instead of Cincinnati.

  3. Cincinnati has attempted to annex Norwood 3 separate times since Norwood was incorporated. I think two were actual votes and one was a bill to state legislature allowing Cincy to annex the entire county. Norwood had some things that discouraged support for annexation including their own water and sewer systems and the presence of big manufacturing with access to rail lines.

    I agree, there is no point for Norwood or St. Bernard to exist but it won't happen until pols here see the logic of regional gov.

  4. @JYP: Why don't you suggest working on improving Cincinnati's dysfunctional city government and school district instead? Norwood and St. Bernard are doing just fine, thank you. Cincinnati didn't even know how to do retail until Rookwood Pavilion was developed.

  5. @Relayman: I'm not sure highlighting a case of local government using eminent domain to usurp homeowner's property so it can be sold to a strip mall developer is an example of great government.


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