Friday, December 31, 2010

City Council Approves Budget, Ghiz Throws a Rock in a Glass House

The Cincinnati City Council finally approved a budget for 2011. The deal nearly fell apart after Cecil Thomas and Charlie Winburn temporarily pulled their support over curtailing the Marijuana ordinance. I'm not actually clear what the budget could do to actually repeal the ordinance. I am inferring that they cut the budget for enforcement of the law, but did not overturn the law. The details of the whole plan are quiet sketchy and clearly Thomas and Winburn didn't understand it and only relented after some lobbying from the Mayor. If they did actually repeal the Marijuana ordinance, that's the one good thing to come from this mess.

Leslie Ghiz spewed a gem
"'There are five members of council who won't part with a thing,' she said."
by "thing" I presume she means the non-public safety workers. Trash Collectors must be things in her world. Things can be dumped in the hands of the private sector to be consumed and destroyed. Cops and Fire Fighters are not things in her world. They are gods, that must be appeased all costs. They are not be touched. Not one god can lose their job. That would bring an end to all that is holy. By holy in this case I mean endorsements and conservative voter support, which for some reason isn't considered sacrilegious, even in the slightest. Leslie shouldn't complain about not cutting 'a thing' when there was massive chunk of the budget she refused to cut, even though the evidence shows they should be. I guess she has the "do what I say, not what I do" part of being a mother down pat.


  1. Your obsession with Leslie Ghiz is unhealthy....

  2. What a stupid quip, "Donald." I don't think Griff is "obsessed" with Leslie Ghiz. He's just calling out her utter ineffectiveness and hypocricy as a councilmember. She is the most outspoken member of council, always protests the budgets, but never offers real solutions. She added all the cops in 06, and pledged to keep them in 2011 without identifying a funding mechanism. She's all hot air, and deserves to be exposed. She's not a fiscal conservative, but rather, but an apologist for bloated safety budgets who appeases the unions to secure her own election. It's nice to have at least one information source in Cincinnati call out her hypocricy.

  3. Once you have a majority, there's no further need for compromise--especially for somebody who has never voted in favor of a budget.

    Also, Donald, I think we can now say with certainty that Ghiz is wholly responsible for the combative nature of council meetings over the past 5 years.

    At first you could say "Maybe Cranley's partially responsible. Or maybe Laketa Cole. Or perhaps it's ideological, because she's in the minority." Well, things are just as childish, and her archenemies are all off council AND she's in the ideological majority. She's just an aggressive, unhelpful brat.

    She's a rich white female Smitherman, is what she is, and she's bad for the city. What's unhealthy about Leslie Ghiz is having her on city council. If you think I'm wrong, tell me one gracious and/or constructive thing she's done; AFAIK, the marijuana ordinance is the only thing she's supported that has passed.


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