Monday, December 06, 2010

Winburn Needs to Get Serious

I don't expect Charlie Winburn to be sane. I don't expect Charlie Winburn to be reasonable. I would like him to be serious for five minutes and stop wasting everyone's time with one big ass big pipe dream. I think a bake sale will do about as much good as his 'idea.'

If this plan would have any affect at all, it is the kind of thing he might have thought about mentioning about 12 months ago when he first took office, but that wouldn't have been as dramatic.


  1. Funny how all of the wingnuts have disappeared since they have to [post under their actual names now.......

    and Windbag is playing it up for the westside vote.

  2. Funny how this blog sucks now that all the good commenters have left because of the new format.

  3. Yeah, it does make it a tad less fun. That, and I had to change my name to match my gmail.

  4. It's still just a one time fix.


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