Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So What Do You Make of Porkappolis?

A new local social media application is out for the iPhone and it is for Cincinnati. It's called Porkappolis, and it's from the Enquirer. If you want it, you need to go to the AppStore on your iPhone and sign-up. At this point, the website is only a place holder.

Picture a localized FourSquare and you have Porkappolis, at least in a nut shell. I've signed up for it and checked in at a whopping one location, which I created myself. I copied a place I created on FourSquare, I'm so original. Porkappolis doesn't stray far from FourSquare's functionality. I don't know yet what makes it better.

Greg Sterling at comments on the new app and is optimistic.


  1. At least the Enquirer is trying to do something modern. But I won't be using it much since I already have all of this functionality in the Yelp iPhone app.

  2. Another attempt to steal a brand from CityBeat?


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