Thursday, December 02, 2010

Stadium Fund 'Deal' Reached by the County

Hamilton County Commission passed a deal to fund the gap in the Stadium fund. That deal included some concessions from and incentives for the Bengals and Reds. The deal mostly fills the gap by reducing the amount of the Property Tax rollback. It is a deal that got the job done, not a wonderful deal for anyone but the Bengals and Reds, who got of pretty easy. It is a deal that Jim Tarbell would have gotten done, but one Chris Monzel (on the surface) would never have voted for because he says he would rather destroy things than have the citizens chip in to save their county.

There is trouble ahead for the Poor, I fear, when reading this from the Enquirer article:
"Commissioner Greg Hartmann – who will be the board’s president next year and in the majority – committed the board to cutting all county levies next year, which would reduce property taxes."
So Hartman likely will go after the funds from the tax levy passed by the voters of Hamilton County to fund indigent health care. Tax cuts will trump life for the Poor. Got to love the logic of that. "Let them Eat Cake" is what must be stamped on Hartman's forehead. With the Monzel willing to destroy any and all parts of the county, Hartman will have the second vote he needs. If Hartman means to cut other levies the voters of Hamilton County passed, then the public good will be hurt, all for the sake of a little bit of money. The short term profit and appeasement of the greedy shouldn't be allowed to undermind the structure of a viable society. When you have a moat around your Mcfiefdom, I guess you don't care.

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  1. If Hartman tries to cut those taxpayer approved levies he's going to face a lawsuit.


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