Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Search For Cincinnati Police Chief Has Begun

The Cincinnati City Manager, Milton Dohoney, has begun the search for a new police chief. There are many requirements listed in the article from the job posting, but there are a few other key requirements I would like to add:

  • Don't currently or have ever worked for the Cincinnati Police Department, or for that matter any police force in the metro area.  We need some new blood with an outside perspective.
  • Be open minded. Be willing to protect the citizens from bad police officers or poor actions.
  • Don't be a big bigot.
  • Don't be a white guy. (Yep, I went there.  We need a woman or a minority to help break the culture clash we have where much of the police force clashes with much of the public.)
None of these requirements are likely legal, so it is a good thing I am not the person doing the hiring. We need change in the long term mindset of our police department and that begins with the police chief. We need someone from outside the department at a minimum. If we hire from within, we will be doomed to more of the same.


  1. Buh-Bye Tommy Strike-Her, your time in charge of the CPD has been a disaster for the City. Your ineffectual leadership has driven experienced senior officers from the force, you have stood in the way of effective preventative policing, and you practically led the CPD out on strike after the riots. Here's hoping that the City will recruit strictly from outside the department, and bring in a real leader who will bring fundamental change to the CPD

  2. - Don't buy into the mantra that only police and fire are the only essential services the City must provide. You have to also invest in parks, recreation (yes, pools, and not just spray grounds), transit and streetcars.

    I'm not saying Streicher is part of that problem, and I don't think he was anti-streetcar, at least publicly - I heard he was optimistic about the progress in Over-The-Rhine. Overall, bring in someone who's not just some talk radio stooge stuck in the 1960s. I know we're talking about a police chief here, but I think having someone who's from different blood than Streicher isn't a bad idea.


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