Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Over-the-Rhine Pretzel Fest January 21st

The Over-the-Rhine Pretzel Fest, a benefit for the 2011 Bockfest, rises up on Friday January 21st, 2011 from 5 to 10 PM at Venue 222 (222 E 14th St). A $35 ticket price will get you exclusive tastings of a variety of freshly baked pretzels from local restaurants and bakeries. Add in a brat and a couple of drinks and the evening is full for this year's first benefit for annual Bock Beef Festival.

Special events include the Arnold’s Bathtub Raffle and the Ultimate Bockfest Weekend Raffle. Entertainment will be provided by the Cincinnati Dancing Pigs, a groups of musicians no strangers to beer. Get out and support a rowdy event , Bockfest, which takes place this year from March 4th through the 6th.


  1. Can you carify something? Will they be serving beer, and if do is it included in the price of admission, or is ot a cash bar, etc? $35 is kind of steep for pretzels, they tend to be very filling and there's only so much of them that you can eat.

  2. According to the information I have, a couple of drinks comes with the ticket price, I don't know if beer is for sale or not.


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