Friday, January 28, 2011

6th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules to Count Votes

The legal struggle over the Hamilton County Juvenile Court judge election took another turn yesterday with a unanimous ruling from a three member panel of the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, based here in Cincinnati. The ruling orders County officials to count all ballots cast at the wrong table, but at the right location. This ruling is good news for Democrat Tracie Hunter, who was trailing in the race by 23 votes. The Board of Elections will face pressure to appeal the issue to the Supreme Court, but someone needs to get with the program and do what is right, count the votes that were cast in good faith, but with faulty advice. The Republican members of the Hamilton county Board of Elections need to take direction from Judge Dlott, and get these votes counted. It's time to finish the election.


  1. I agree completely, but think it doubtful that the local Republican party leadership will do what's right. It's long time that we consolidate precincts that are at the same physical location so that these types of errors don't happen.

  2. It's time to finish the election & start doing a better job of training the poll workers. Look at how much money has been wasted because these workers weren't doing a good job.

  3. Look at this way. Mommy (Dlott) said count votes. BOE went and told Daddy. Daddy said listen to mama.
    Count the damn votes already.


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