Wednesday, February 08, 2006

CityLink Doomed?

5 Members of City Council reportedly oppose CityLink, and plan on moving today to block the service center's development in the West End.

Who are the 5? Leslie Ghiz is quoted in the story as being part of the block of 5, but I don't see the rest listed in the article. Was anyone at the Vibrant Neighborhoods Committee meeting to know who is part of the group?

There is a Forum tonight at the Lincoln Recreation Center in the West End, 1027 Linn St. at 6PM to discuss CityLink. The Paper reports that for what ever reason the group opposing the development will not attend. That seems strange. Are they being kept out or are they being childish?

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  1. I always wondered why you had two forms to respond too.

    Sometimes when I hit the Haloscan comments they won't load on my screen.

    CityLink sucks goat balls.


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