Friday, February 17, 2006

Both Sides of the Mouth

Peter Bronson is making two divergent points while trying to only make one. His article is about a religious group indoctrinating kids into becoming Christian shock troops in the media. His conflict comes plainly:
"Our hope is that someday at some moviemaker, some of our people will be in the room when they want to make an R-rated movie to say, 'We don't need to do that,'" said executive director Mike Volette.


The idea is not to push a Christian agenda, he said, but to have people in media who at least understand Christianity."
If the idea is not to push a Christian agenda, then what's the deal with being against "R" rated movies? Read this section:
Two-thirds of the $1.5 million invested in the UndergroundZone came from business sponsors such as Cincinnati Bell, Key Bank and Grippo's. But more sponsor help is needed to train "media missionaries," to take their message into the deepest, darkest heart of hostile Hollywood and tone-deaf newsrooms.

It sounds like hazardous work. Cartoons of missionaries in pith helmets tied to stakes or being cooked in giant pots come to mind. But maybe there's hope.

Just this year, TV shows have been canceled or rewritten after protests by Christians. "The Book of Daniel" on NBC, about a pill-popping priest and his sidekick surfer-dude Jesus, was yanked almost immediately. And ABC has agreed to cut scenes in an April 13 "Will & Grace" that had Britney Spears mocking the Crucifixion of Christ.

"Media is not good or bad," Vollette said. "It just depends on how it is used."

Now that sounds like a fruitful salt ministry.
Once again Bronson contradicts his own points within his own column. Either the guy he's interviewing believes "The idea is not to push a Christian agenda" or he's creating Storm-troopers to go out and try and get "Will & Grace" censored because a bunch of prudish Christians are too sensitive to have the religion questioned through the mass media. He can't be both. Trying to be both means you are lying to someone.

Sorry Peter, this program is all about pushing the Christian religion. What is sad, is that the kids are likely being mislead into thinking otherwise.

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