Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Newport Moving Ahead

Newport appears to have a huge development plan in the making. With the Levee in a slump, will this work or not?

What is lost in the article, although given a first sentence mention, and will be sure to gain the ire of many is this:
With the demolition of Newport's riverfront housing projects now under way, the battle among developers for what could be the biggest redevelopment project in the city's history is about to begin.


The city is under a fairly tight deadline because demolition recently began on the site's public housing, which consists of 31 buildings totaling 200 apartments. The site is expected to be cleared by June.
If this were to happen in OTR, we would have protests, lawsuits, and TV Cameras. The demolition has already begun. 200 apartments of people are already displaced, not to return to the site, unless they gain wealth beyond their prior means.

What is keeping this from happening in OTR at this point? Is it happening at all in OTR, and not getting any more attention?

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