Saturday, February 11, 2006

Legislating Hate - That's Our Brinkman!

With neither courage nor ethical justice Tom Brinkman has helped introduce a bill in the Ohio House to ban gay & lesbian adoption. House Bill 515 is an abusive attack on liberty and is a hateful spew intending to legislate a bigoted belief based on a selective religious doctrine.

There are no reasons for introducing this law that can not be traced to hate. Any rationale for is based, TOTALLY, on the hate and fear of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and the transgendered. I say this matter of factly, and I am sure to gain the ire of the right wing fucks out there, but I will without any hint of regret repeat this concept at any point in the future this issue arises.

What troubles me most is the devil's bargain many in the GOP have made with the religious right. There are many in the GOP who don't support and will not support this bill, but they will do little or nothing to oppose it and many even support it. When you support or just vote for candidates like Tom Brinkman and Ken Blackwell (wonder if he supports the bill, ha!), you are giving credence and resource to the forces out push hate via legislation on Ohio. This is merely the softest point for the Brinkman's to hit. The bigotry towards gays is still one of the few unfettered philosophies in America. This law has support from people who are still scared and ignorant about gays and lesbians. Otherwise good people will be suckered in by the fear and bible waving the Brinkmans will do in their coy and cryptic manner.

It is also nearly as sad that some Democrats will support this bill. Unlike gay marriage, the numbers I believe will be small, but those few who do deserve a large level of disdain and outright opposition.

For me personally it is just a matter of trying to understand the motivation. Why do people hate gays? Why do you hate gays Tom Brinkman?

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