Wednesday, February 15, 2006

CAC Slammed By Idiot

What it is with idiots who walk into town for a day and think then know the facts about anything going on in this city?

I will agree that the CAC has a bunch of problems and I am not a fan of the building, but to judge the attendance and importance by what you saw on one weekday visit and to view the building as hip to only the old fogies from the 80s and 90s, you sound like a lazy inept critic who phoned in his trip to the Queen City.

The only point this guy makes worth while is the fact that membership is down to pre-move levels. Some of that is out of the control of the CAC, but one of their biggest problems is that they do little to bring people into the space. Art should be for the people, not just for a few snobs looking for a faux sense of superiority. John King, the critic, fits that faux sense with what appears to be his inanity to get over the changes Cincinnati underwent since he was an intern (kid) here 25 years ago.

Mr. King should have seen the CAC last Friday night where a large crowd enjoyed a great evening of art and lightening music from the Heartless Bastards. That event brought WEBN-FM to the CAC. Freaking white-bread WEBN! Variety is what the CAC needs and it can't be pretentious and expect anyone but art freaks to join. Cross promotions with other arts groups, like the Cincy Fringe Festival, are what a contemporary arts museum should make its priority. Anything less and this museum becomes what it was created to be an alternative to: the institutionalism of the Taft Museum.

I find I get more pissed by critics who slam Cincinnati at the drop of a hat out of laziness, personal spite, or ignorance. I think King has achieved a hat trick with all three.

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