Monday, February 20, 2006

Fat Cats

Is this some kind of new way to make politics seem sexy or trendy to women? I guess I am on a gender bias watch today or something, but I find it insulting on some level that the President's visit is covered by the Tempo Section, where is painted in the MTV Cribs style, call it Pol Cribs. Fluff appears to be the only way people can understand politics. The guy with the best wine list wins, I guess.

Adding a sidebar with Stan Chesley is trying to make this a non-partisan thing. I am glad they show their house so no one confuses this extremely rich people with the common humans living in the real world.

I will mock for a second though: the wife, Margie, is listed as a "composer and lyricist." Ok, is that a hobby, like I am a writer, or has she published music?

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