Friday, February 03, 2006

Enough of the Dean

This will be a news flash to few, but Jason Haap, aka the Dean of Cincinnati, has come out with an insane attack again Nick Spencer. If you disagree with Nick's politics, ok, I can respect that. I don't agree with some of Nick's views. To come out with this insane racist attack against Nick for the name of the event is just, well, insane. I prefer to stay away from the insanity that is the Dean, but when you make up bullshit attacks against Nick like:
So the effeminate and white Nick Spencer feels some kind of affinity towards Desdemona, who gets brutally murdered by an uninformed black man.

You do the math.
you really need to step back and ask yourself: Does wearing a cape in public mean you are "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" nutty, or just "What About Bob?" nutty? In the case of the Dean it appears to be that Jason has reached into the bottom of the barrel of tricks to try and get attention and has come up with a straight-jacket.

It is time for the Dean to grow up. When you act like an ass and get kicked out of Nick's bar, face the music and suck it up. Don't act like a three year old child and make up bullshit that sounds like it would be coming out of the mouth of Louis Farrakhan.

I will happily await the retort I get for my honest views I have ranted out here. I expect the worst bile possible, and am ready to defend my dropped gauntlet. It is sad when Nate L. comes across as more dignified than the Dean, but Hell, we are in Cincinnati baby!

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