Friday, February 10, 2006

A Continental

In my Radio Voice: Earthly bound citizens of Cincinnati, I give you Sarah H. Eichenberger of Queen City Forum.

This article has, for the lack of a better term, BALLS!  It hits the Continental Lounge right where it hurts: the snob gland.  On a man it's right between his balls.  On a woman it's between her breasts and where her spine meets the back of the brain.

Sarah points to the solid point that provoked me to write about the club when it was first announced: If you are a city version of a country club, ok, but don't pretend to be altruistic about it and think it will change the world, let along the city.  I mean, I know all of the world's problems would end by osmosis if we just formed exclusive cliques.

Kudos' go to Michael Altman, head honcho at QCF, first for getting Sarah on his team and secondly for running this story in light of his involvement with the Continental Lounge.  Quality journalism starts with allowing conflicting viewpoints on issues management may be connected to.  I believe this shows a level of professional maturity that other media outlets, like say the Enquirer, could learn from.

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