Friday, February 03, 2006


Ok, a man was shot and killed in the Mason, Ohio Area (fourth item, buried at the bottom), namely near the Kings Auto Mall, and we don't get the interviews with locals saying that it is unsafe to live in Mason??? What gives? Where is the balanced reporting? The reporters couldn't find anyone to go on the record? Hell, I work within a mile or two from where this guy was killed. I would be happy to say that I will be fearing for my life every time I go to work in the Mason Area. I would be lying, but hell it is as valid of a comment as was printed by the paper when someone was killed behind Mulligan's in Hyde Park. I expect to read a follow-up story in tomorrow's paper with neighbors of this man expressing dismay and fear of the living in Mason.

I was at Mulligan's last night, by the way. I had a nice time. I felt safe. The place was a empty for the night of a Xavier basketball game.

FYI: Just to avoid the likely criticism, yes, it is tragic that a man was shot and killed. I am not commenting on that. Instead I am questioning the coverage the crime got in the Enquirer as compared to the coverage of the murders in Hyde Park. I know most readers can grasp this fact, but I am sure some commenter will be shocked that I am commenting on this so soon after a man’s death. Nothing I have stated is distasteful, in my opinion, so I suggest anyone no pleased with this type of blogging to find another blog to read.

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