Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The worst of both worlds

Over at Naughty Pundit, Ron links to the Right Wing News (a page I think it's safe to say I wouldn't frequent regularly), which polled 47 right-wing bloggers to select their least favorite member of the right. I think it's at least good to show that the right does not view all of their members with 100% favoritism.

So on that note, I ask the lefties, who on that side of the aisle would be your least favorite. I'll toss out four:

  • Howard Dean - I just feel like he's got his own personal agenda, rather than the good of the party, and he's not a good consensus builder.
  • Joe Lieberman - Too damned wishy-washy, almost does a lot of things but never goes all the way.
  • Jay Rockefeller - Has just gotten brutalized by Pat Roberts as co-chair of the Intelligence Committee; terribly under-skilled for the position.
  • Terry McAuliffe - Head of the DNC for some of the most horrid election results in recent memory.

Fire away.


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