Friday, August 19, 2005

More Bad Journalism

In the same article about the Reeces we get this side story:
"Suburbanites for Winburn

Suburban Republican leaders endorsed Charlie Winburn on Thursday for mayor of Cincinnati, calling him the only candidate who can make Cincinnati a safe place to live.

The supporters included Mayors Robert Bemmes of Reading, Rick Bryan of Blue Ash, David Collins of Deer Park, Richard Ellison of Elmwood Place, Jay Gohman of Terrace Park, Brad Greenberg of Loveland, Virgil Lovitt of Sharonville, Dan Policastro of Mariemont, James Rolfes of North Bend and Theodore Shannon of Fairfax.

Others included Township Trustees Cliff Bishop, Sycamore; Tom Bryan and Joseph Honerlaw, Springfield, Keith Corman, Colerain; Russ Jackson and Peggy Reis, Anderson; Jodie Leis, Kathy Wagner and Eric Minamyer, Symmes; and Chuck Mitchell and Tony Upton, Green.

Vice mayors include Joe Schickel, Loveland; Clara Pugh, Forest Park; and Joe Schickel, Loveland.

Clerks: Heather Harlow, Colerain Township, and Tom Straus, Green Township.

Council members include Jim Sumner and Henry Stacey, Blue Ash; Kerry Rabe, Sharonville; Mark Quarry, Silverton; and Mike Mestemaker, Cheviot."
Now, the nice editors created a totally misleading subheading saying "Suburbanites for Winburn" which misleads the reader. It should have read "Suburnban Republican Leaders for Winburn," but that ends up sounding like a "Water is Wet" headline. What also is bad here is that the rest of section just lists the leaders out. This is right from a press release, not original reporting at all. This is not even news. This is a free campaign commercial for Winburn. At least the Pepper section on this article had quotes from the campaign. They could have gotten something from Winburn to use. Hell, there should have been quotes in the press release that they could have used.

This goes to show that the GOP leaders in the rest of the country are either stupid or just loyal partisans. I hope it is the latter, but it could of course be both.

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