Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Reds/Bengals leaders go off

Why does Reds COO (Cheap Operating Officer) John Allen continue to deny rumors that they're looking to deal Ken Griffey Jr.? It makes sense to do. If you want to build a winner over the next several years, you deal Griffey, get out from under that God awful contract, get some prospects, and spend the money on pitching. If you want to stare at a superstar that has maybe a few years left and won't help the club win on his own, you keep him, but people want to see a winner in the end. Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis goes off on 1st round David Pollack for holding out. Good for him. I'm all for an athlete getting theirs, but at a certain point you either want to play or you don't. It's only about $200K that they're bickering about (I know that's a lot, but in sports parlance it's not all that much). Compromise, suck it up, sign the deal, and get your ass into camp.


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