Friday, August 05, 2005

Mayoral Race Polling Data

A recent WCPO/Survey-USA poll shows 3 main contenders for the 2 available primary spots.

QUESTION: On September 13th, Cincinnati will have a Primary for Mayor. If the Primary for Mayor of Cincinnati were today, and you were standing in the voting booth right now, who would you vote for? Mark Mallory? David Pepper? Alicia Reece? Charlie Winburn? Or some other candidate?

According to the article
Of 583 likely registered voters, 27% would vote for Alicia Reece; 24% for David Pepper; and 23% for Mark Mallory.

Korte has the breakdown by age, race, sex, party affiliation, education, and ideology.

The thing that sticks out in the breakdown for me is the fact that Pepper did better among Republicans than Winburn did. What does this say about these two candidates specifically, and more importantly what does it say about the state of the local Republican party?

It is also important to keep in mind that, according to the Korte article
The methodology -- a touch-tone poll in which randomly selected respondents answer recorded questions read by WCPO anchor Clyde Gray -- remains somewhat controversial among many professional pollsters.

I am looking forward to seeing other polls that will be available soon.

This post was made by Josh Nelson of the Cincinnati News blog.

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