Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sonny move out to the suburbs

The County Business Patterns report shows what we all probably expected: Hamilton County is losing jobs to the suburbs. This shouldn't be altogether shocking. Butler, Warren, and Boone counties for one have more land to develop for new business complexes. Given a choice, people would like to work close to home, and since the suburban counties' population has grown over the past several years it follows that the jobs would gravitate there as well. Couple that with downtown's inability to draw major businesses and retain the ones it has (without having to give them the world), and that leads to the above circumstances.

More troubling is the fact that "the region's population and labor force are growing at only half the national rate", according to George Vredeveld from the Economics Center at UC. Again, this isn't exactly news, considering that Cincinnati hasn't been very successful at luring younger workers to the area. At some point, the city (and surrounding areas) has to start making an effort to make the area more attractive to outsiders.


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