Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Huggins Gone!!!

I can't help but GLOAT over this one. I didn't like his style and methods. He is part of what is wrong with college sports today. UC has taken a step up in my opinion.

More from War All the Time, QCF's official blog. They are saying Skip Prosser will be back in town as coach. That would be a coup, if true.

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  1. A university is much more than a popular, eccentric and controversial basketball coach. I know of what I speak...campus security takes great pride in handing out illegal parking tickets on a daily basis on college campuses..but does anyone stand up and "do the wave" for them? How about those hard working ladies in the campus cafeterias? And those highly astute professors who upgrade saline enhanced co-eds from "D's"
    to "B's" after getting a look at
    the ol' headlights? If you were to
    ask 100 people what a university is..over half would tell you it is a place for higher learning...so,
    what did Bob Huggins teach us? That
    he can take socio-ecomonic disadvantaged kids and turn them into NBA stars, horse punchers, on campus gun toters, spokesmen for
    the community and Zen Buddists?
    Is the Physics Department at UC doing that? Is Nancy Zinfedel going to create a unique cosmic consciousness awareness learning center around the 1-275 belt? And, if so..is her next project River Downs? Let's look at what a University really is. A money machine. Yeah, that's right! An ATM. Jeanie. They take in cash, they dole it out, they provide a account statement and they occasionally eat a card. Well, bucko...they just chomped up a platinum debit card in Bobby Huggins and Nancy better find a Sluggo pretty quickly...or the
    dreaded Ohio State will swoop in
    and convert what few UC sports fans still exist in the holy land of Oscar Robertson, Kenyon Martin and Jack Ruby. I say let's hold a big pep rally at Nippert (include free beer and litmus paper) and tell Nancy Zinfedel just exactly what over 70% of the greater Cincinnati area residednt think about her choice for "character" over "conference victories" And, let's invite Tubby Smith!


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