Sunday, August 14, 2005

The power of religion?

Enquirer editor Byron McCauley pens an interesting piece today on the topic of religion in politics. I actually don't disagree with some of his piece; I don't expect politicians to leave their religion at the door. If someone conducts themselves by the tenets of their religion in their private life, I have no problem with them being the same way in public office. Having said that, I would hope that behaving that way includes keeping it to themselves; there's a difference between following a religion intensely and preaching the gospel and using the word God every third word).

My problem lately has been that candidates, especially on the national level, have felt this need to 'out-religion' each other. Every candidate has felt the need to be shown going to worship every Sunday, and discuss the depth of their faith. And I don't think it's because of their deep belief in religion so much as they're afraid that they'll lose votes if they don't. And that part bothers me. Why should it matter? It doesn't make a difference to me whether someone is deeply religious, somewhat religious, or doesn't worship much at all; that has no direct effect on their ability to govern.

Beyond that, does this mean that atheists/agnostics cannot run for public office now? Is Griffin screwed because he thinks of God as a sky fairy?


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