Saturday, August 27, 2005

Reece Ruled a Resident

The Vice Mayor 'officially' lives lives in Cincinnati, at least as the Board of Elections is concerned. With the evidence she had on her side it would have been very difficult to prove otherwise. You don't have to sleep in a residence every night to 'live' there. Utility bills cover it.

What is still on the table, but doesn't seem to be going anywhere, are the signatures that may have been gather by her family, who have given up their registration status.

What Kimball Perry's article illustrates best are the severe issues Nate Livingston has:
After board chairman Tim Burke told Livingston they were only interested in allegations from the last six years, Livingston became angry.

He yelled at Burke, repeatedly screaming at him to "be quiet" and "shut up." When Livingston continued to yell but also stood up to confront Burke, a Hamilton County sheriff's deputy at the meeting for security purposes yelled at Livingston several times to sit down.

"Don't give me no more lectures," Livingston screamed at Burke.

After that, Livingston told the board he didn't think they were taking his complaint seriously and asked them to dismiss it so he could present it instead to law-enforcement authorities.
The word "unhinged" comes to mind. It will come to no shock that I will be attacked by him for highlighting his childish temper tantrum, but what I say is nothing compared to the shame having this in the Enquirer brings. For once Nate actually had a valid issue to go after, and then he lets the chip on his shoulder ruin it.

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