Sunday, August 07, 2005

My turn to rip on Bronson

Ohh, how I would have loved to have found a column of Bronson's to agree with. But unfortunately that's not going to happen today, as he uses the deaths of five local soldiers to tell us that we should all blindly believe that the war in Iraq is just, and anyone that doesn't must hate America.

The crux of this article comes from the statement he got from Iraq veteran John Detling, who said that "people who say 'I suuport the troops but I don't support the war' can't have it both ways. Talk about demoralization.". This line has become typical of the Bush era black/white 'you're with us or against us' world attitude.

I really don't mean to disrespect Mr. Detling, but one of the capabilities we have is to be able to hold two opposed views in our minds and be able to confront both individually. I support the troops; I greatly admire the job that they perform every day for their country, and I'll gladly shake any of their hands and give them a pat on the back (I will also contribute money so that they can have the top-line Kevlar battle armor that this administration refuses to provide for them, but that's another story). I also can appreciate that the troops don't get to choose their assignments; that is done for them. I may not believe in the mission they're sent to, but I sure hope for their sakes that they accomplish it and get home as quickly as possible. But in the Bush world, I hate the troops, which must mean I hate America.

And can we please stop with the 'your protest of the war demoralizes the troops and gives aid and comfort to the enemy'. The enemy can't even get running water, I doubt they get Fox News out there. Bronson says that most soldiers believe we're winning; I've heard as many that would say otherwise.

Bronson then goes on to quote some 'private CIA' group that says that the recent attacks are signs that the enemy is desperate (the last throes argument). Again, considering the attacks are becoming more frequent and more powerful, I fail to see how this all works. I sincerely hope they're right, I'm just not holding my breath.


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  1. Regarding your "My turn to rip on Bronson" Blog, Adam, no offense taken by me. You have not attacked my character, nor will I attack yours. You and I can certainly agree to disagree on the justification of the war in Iraq.

    I do take exception to your analysis on the motivation of my comments to Mr. Bronson, however. My comments were not motivated by a desire to be in "lock-step" with the Bush Administration. My comments are just as true of this war as they are of Presidents Kennedy's and Johnson's insertion of American troops into Vietnam as well as President Clinton's insertion of our troops into the Balkans.

    My experience in Iraq forged a very simple attitude in me, and it was psychological in nature, not political: How can someone say they support me here but they do not support my mission? What is it that they really support? I'm sweating my butt off in 120 degree heat and I've got idiots taking pot shots at me with mortar rounds. I can accept that not everyone at home approves of this mission, but what of substance are they really supporting when they say they support me? I'm sure I don't speak for every service man and woman that has deployed to Iraq, but Mr. Bronson wanted my own opinion on the matter.

    Regarding the "enemy can't even get running water" comment, I urge you not to underestimate our enemy. They don't need Fox News: This enemy is already an expert at exploiting our electronic information. The Department of Defense works very hard at developing counter-measures to deny the enemy of such reconnaissance. Furthermore, this enemy creates elaborate daisy-chained roadside and vehicle-borne bombs that would have MIT grads scratching their collective heads.

    You sound like a decent person who wishes no ill will upon our troops deployed in the combat zone. I think you and I at least share a common desire that--regardless of who sits in the Oval Office--the United States of America must not defer the fight against terrorism to another day. Inaction is not only a false sense of security for us and our children, but only emboldens our enemy to greater levels of audacity.


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