Monday, August 01, 2005

Home Stretch

It is down to the last full day before the election for the 2nd District. Paul Hackett has run a wonderful campaign. I have been fairly out of touch this weekend, so I have no concept of how the campaigns are going, other than the reminder by the RNC that Paul Hackett is not anti-gay, since he doesn't support the Gay Marriage ban that I guess is now a nation GOP policy. Good to know the GOP is in full anti-gay mode now.

Today will be ruff on both candidates with the temperature expected to be in the low 90's. The staffs did well and now it is about turnout. In case people didn't know, you should be getting out and vote for Paul Hackett. Since this is my personal congressional seat, I have to say I don't want an extremist like Schmidt who will be a failure in office and likely will not get the GOP nomination next year. Her failure will be her lame duck before she begins status. That is something the Enquirer failed to see. She would have lost big in the primary if the field did not have 3 other well known candidates.

I don't know who will win, but it has shown to me that the Liberals/Progressives/Moderates are not dead in this town and can stand up to extreme right wing when they need too.

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