Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Diner Location to Become Vinyl

Main Street is getting a boost from a new restaurant called "Vinyl." Great news. Get out and support it when it opens in July.

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  1. Vinyl Dishes Out Food Gold with New Chef and New Menu

    Cincinnati, OH November 14, 2006 -– If you enjoyed Vinyl’s food before, prepare to be blown away now. In a bold effort to rematch its quality with its vision, owners Michael Spalding and Roula David have hired a new Executive Chef to completely revamp the menu. Steven Hubbell, a highly revered and decorated chef from Detroit, promises to bring to the table a quality and flavor this city has yet to taste.

    “When Roula and I first sat down to plan Vinyl, we had a vision: American comfort food cuisine upped with a unique, global twist,” says Spalding. “We also wanted our entire restaurant to be environmentally responsible and a place to learn.
    Steven not only understands that vision, he embraces it.”

    Consequently, the quality of Vinyl not only shines in the presentation and the taste, but also in the actual ingredients. “Seventy percent of our food is organic or natural,” prides Hubbell. “Our fish are caught by hand, our cattle and chicken are free-range and free of antibiotics, and our produce is fresh from the market. I’m also a member of the Slow Food Movement, which believes in environmental responsibility, respectful relationships with farmers, and getting back to the basics of food. If you ordered everything on the menu and asked me where each ingredient came from, I could not only tell you, I could take you there.”

    When asked about his favorite dish, he had to think for a moment. “Everything on our new menu will be stunning,” he replied, “but if I had to pick my absolute favorites, I’d choose the Braised Pork Belly, the Lollipops, 3-Wedge Salad, and Mac N’ Cheese. It’s an experience both your eyes and taste buds will feast on.”

    Even with plenty of expertise under his belt, Hubbell is confident that his highest achievement yet will be with Vinyl. “A lot of people say that the décor makes Vinyl like no other place in the city. I’ll have you saying the same about the food,” says Hubbell. “Michael and Roula gave me free reign to express myself as Executive Chef, so there are no limitations to what I can serve you or how pleased you will be with your experience here.”

    Vinyl is now more than prepared than ever to shock the people of Cincinnati with a taste that will leave everyone hungry for more. Whether you’re here to impress a date, a business colleague, or yourself, Vinyl is the place to dine. And when you arrive, Steven Hubbell will be there to await your order.

    “Vinyl has everything you’d normally find in cities like Chicago or New York City and more,” says Hubbell. “The décor is fabulously urban progressive. The menu caters to both vegetarians and meat lovers and changes according to the season. Every dish is fresh off the market. The nightlife here rocks with tantalizing drinks you can’t find anywhere else. In short, this place is addictive; come here once and you’ll be coming back for more.”

    Hubbell studied at the Schoolcraft College, which taught the same curriculum as the renowned Culinary Institute of America, but as he says, “at a fraction of the price”. There he perfected his French technique and explored other international approaches. While in school, he joined Pike Street restaurant where he studied under culinary greats like Chef Randy Emert, a Gold medal winner at the world Culinary Olympics in Germany.

    Hubbell himself won two silver medals in the Detroit Food Salon competition. He also spent time at the Golden Mushroom and the Rugby Grille, both members of the internationally acclaimed Relais & Chateaux. Hubbell furthered his expertise at other highly praised restaurants like Tribute and Forte, even becoming Pastry Chef at the Hilton in Detroit.

    Vinyl in Review
    M-Th 5pm – 10pm
    F-Sat 5pm – 12am

    1203 Sycamore St.
    Cincinnati, OH 45202
    Free parking across the street.

    Business luncheon reservations welcome.


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