Sunday, May 02, 2004

Driehaus Wins House Race

Well, not officially yet, but with Witte leaving the race for the 31st Ohio House seat. I assume Witte felt he could not win, so he just gave up to avoid going into debt. Terry Deter's name was thrown out there, but according to the article he will not run because:
Deters confirmed that there had been talks, but said Driehaus is a conservative pro-life Democrat who deserves to be re-elected.

"If it weren't Steve, I'd run," he said. "We like Steve."
you know you a DINO when Terry Deters endorses you. Driehaus is one who supported DOMA in Ohio. I don't think Witte or Deters would be that much different on many social issues. So this is good news for Democrats in only so much as the GOP stranglehold on the state government will not gain in this district. How can you gain when you get help on issues already?

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