Monday, May 03, 2004

Big City Eyes, Little Mind

Joe Shaw of the UC News Record writes, or should I say laments, on living in Cincinnati after graduation. He pines for living in great city like Chicago, New York, or LA. Those truly are great cities. What bugs me is that Joe is foolish enough to compare Cincinnati to those cities and say we don't have what they have. No shit, Sherlock. We are not a Mega-Metropolis. That should have been obvious after your first week in town. We are also not Buttlick, Kansas either. We are a big city, with great attributes. We do have our problems and we maybe at a crossroads, where we become a confederation of suburban fiefdoms, or regain some glory as a great city as in past days of the 19th century.

Now Mr. Shaw really has a problem to contend with. He ends his screed with, "Cincinnati pretty much sucks. It's best to get out while you have the chance." What he must remember, when he has to say where he went to college either he lies or tells the truth and UC. That by itself may be worth lying about, but that is another story (only joking UC folks.) What Mr. Shaw must admit, after being logically ask, is why he was foolish enough to and live in Cincinnati at all? If he was born here why did he stay and go to college here. If you can get in UC, you can surely get into OSU, so he could have spent his time in CowTown. He could have spent his time in hot and sticky Gainesville Florida, hours from the beaches, and in the middle of humidity. Why not try college in Nebraska or Arkansas or what is so great about Lexington and UK?

I can understand why people don't like Cincinnati, but I don't know why they would have been stupid enough to come here or as to why then if they are so brilliant to not get out sooner. Did someone chain him to his dorm room desk? Could he not have fled this horrid town sooner?

My little town in Western, NY would likely be considered hell on Earth for Mr. Shaw. We honesty had no jobs and no chance for growth and hour plus outside of dying Buffalo.

What better opportunity could any human have than to try and change a city as it hovers in a crossroads? I guess I would have trouble hiring Mr. Shaw, he seems to want to run from a challenge and stick to the sure thing. Mega pond, microfish. Big Pond, little fish. I will take little over micro, if you please.

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