Sunday, May 09, 2004

Theocratic Fascists At Work Again

he National Press has noticed the work of one David Langdon, who is working to put on the ballot an amendment to the Ohio Constitution to ban gay marriage. I guess DOMA is just not strong enough of homosexual oppression. He wants to make sure it would take a huge effort to change the bigot backed state law.

Langdon is a far far right winger, so far right he supported the Constitution Party, a reactionary Conservative Christian group. An Ohio Democratic spokesman, Dan Trevas, sums up the situation politically on what it means to the Presidential race:
"I'm sure this is the [work of] general conservative movement," Trevas said. "Do I believe Bush-Cheney is rooting for them to do it? Sure, but I don't think they're involved."
Bush and gang don't really want bigots like Langdon getting press where they don't push Bush, but they would like his support if they could get it. This is where denouncing your allies is ethically the thing to do. It is a politically difficult task to swallow, something that will likely cost votes. Bush and most relevantly Ohio Republicans will dismiss this by ignoring it. That might be a mistake. Every vote in Ohio will count and if this guy goes for the openly theocratic fascists, instead of the closeted types, then Kerry is even better off in Ohio than he is now.

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