Sunday, May 30, 2004

Bronson Pimps WWII Veterans

Peter Bronson could have just done a tribute column to veterans for Memorial Day, but instead he whores them out in his political crusade. Not only does he use them like a smarmy John, he puts out ideas that contradict what I think most people view as American liberty.
  1. Censorship: Bronson wants only "good news" out of Iraq. He
    longs for the days of WWII when "the only stories that came home were
    tales of heroism, valor and perseverance." Truth be damned! We must
    indoctrinate the populace who dare might think for themselves.

  2. Pre-emption: Bronson laments that WWII was without an "exit
    strategy". Sorry to disappoint you Peter, but you are wrong
    again. We did have an exit strategy in Germany and Japan, destroy aggressive
    armies that had declared war on us. In Iraq we attacked a
    country that had a horrid regime in charge, but posed no threat to the USA,
    and a marginal threat to its neighbors. North Korea, Zimbabwe, Libya, and
    Cuba still stand. Where's the entrance strategy?

  3. Don't speak ill of Dear Leader: Bronson wants us to just leave his
    fearless leader alone. We can't speak ill of him, us horrible godless
    liberal heathens. We don't deserve the right to live here if we don't
    conform to his conservative way of life. This was a bit of a
    extrapolation from the quote he used from a veteran. He had to but
    that "liberal" in there and try to claim it the media is liberal
    again. Bronson is ten times the broken record I will ever be.

There is also no logical way Bronson can claim to have run with an anti-war crowd in high school. That does not mean he did not, it just be he likely got beat up by a rival gang of hippies, which caused his conversion to the blood lust crowd.

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