Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Gun Nuts, Oh the Stupidity

Ohio Gun Nutt part of the OFCC have written a list of businesses they are boycotting because they don't allow people carrying guns into their establishment.

Once again gun nuts are seeking SPECIAL RIGHTS, this time through acts akin to blackmail.

Frisch's response is the best:
"We're OK if they choose to boycott our stores," said Karen Maier, vice president of marketing for Cincinnati-based Frisch's Inc., which has posted signs banning weapons at all corporate-owned Big Boy restaurants in Ohio. "We don't want firearms in our stores."
What right do gun owners have to force their "rights" upon others via civil business interference? I hope none of these guys pushing this boycott are against the boycott of Cincinnati. The must approve of the method, if they attempt to use of themselves.

Idiots. Just Idiots. They have their guns, but they will not feel good until they can take their faux penis and intimidate everyone possible with it.

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