Saturday, May 08, 2004

Wow, Propaganda Works!

People just really like to eat it like it was candy eat it like it was candy. Rob ate it. No wonder why people actually think Iraq was behind 9'11.

UPDATE: This is up to number #5 on Daypop's TOP40. Can you say "suckers?" Bush hugs a girl, and the crowd goes nuts. Bush misleads the country about the threat from Iraq and.....nothing, they don't care. Bush can do no wrong. This is coming close to a literal religious movement surrounding this guy. Now before the religious zealots starting throwing darts at me, look at the situation. Bush is not questioned by the right. He gets a little grief on this or that, but nothing serious. He is treated like a new messiah. I am sure I will piss people off for going so "over the top" on that, but 10,000 screaming Sally Simpsons paint a different picture.

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