Monday, May 03, 2004

Appeasement to Prudes

If you listen to local AM talk radio on a Clear Channel Station you would after a while hear a host or a caller belittle anyone who appeases a foreign power or group. France is made the target of scorn most often. Now, however, when you think of appeasers, think of Clear Channel. Rick Bird reports in the Post that WEBN is believed to be on a 7 second delay like most AM talk radio stations. AM stations have unknown callers to worry about, FM stations only have their DJ to worry about or the occasional guest. The need for it is suspect, and will it cost advertisers more in the long run?

Clear Channel fears the new FCC (the one on a puritanical crusade) and is trying to appease the beast by requiring all FM Stations to go on a delay. Listeners will notice relatively little change, but there will be some.

I will just be laughing whenever I hear a Clear Channel talk show host say or agree with comments against anyone even appearing to be appeasing someone. The beast pays homage to the beast, how fitting, yet how sad.

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