Sunday, May 02, 2004

Flip-Flop Protestors

I did a little bit more research into the flip-floppers who protested at the Kerry Rally last month and I ran into this column in the Dayton Daily News. It appears one Cornel TerreBlanche, age 18, of South Africa was one of the anti-Kerry protestors (insurgents?) who appeared at the Kerry Rally here in Cincinnati back on April 5th. In that column we learn:
TerreBlanche said she is a college student in southwestern Ohio, but asked that her school not be identified. She heard that College Republicans at her school planned a protest and she wanted to join in.
Based on that information I did a simple Google search on Cornel TerreBlanche and the only the hit that came up was at this location. That's a website for the Alpha Psi Omega group, the Cedarville University's psychology department club. Cedarville University is the Bob Jones University of Ohio, located in Cedarville, OH south of Springfield. I would then surmise that the group of rowdies all came from Cedarville.

This surprises me. I had assumed this group was from UC or maybe Miami. Lynne Cheney was the keynote speaker at their graduation yesterday. I wonder if the folks at Cedarville know about her 1981 book called Sisters? I wonder if it meets their "ethical" standards in the student handbook.

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