Thursday, October 23, 2003

Touché Korte

Greg Korte of the Enquirer added this little section to a special Thursday edition of his City Hall column:
To vote or not?

"Because we don't have a strong ethnic community, we get trapped into thinking the vote is our salvation. The real battle now is on the economic front. I understand the argument for voting. I just think what is important is economic parity."

- Damon Lynch III, now a candidate for Cincinnati City Council, in a Cincinnati Enquirer interview published June 2, 2001.
The Enquirer has been getting a little heat, a lot of it from me, for their Lynch coverage so far this year. I think Lynch has been attacked with a feather. Bringing out this quote does not address the questions I think Lynch should be answering, but it shows an example of what Lynch has to contend with, the words of his past. I would guess that Korte has not had much luck in getting Lynch to talk about his past statements on the boycott or on the letter he sent calling Police rapists and murders. It is almost as if Damon Lynch has pulled a page from the script of the Arnold Schwarzenegger for governor campaign. I hope it does not turn out to be a winning strategy.

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