Friday, October 10, 2003

Any Question that Brian Crum Garry is a Marxist?

If you make this comment at a candidate's forum can you be anything else but a Marxist?
But activist Brian Crum Garry, an independent candidate, took issue with the emphasis on crime in the campaign. "Crime is not the No. 1 problem in Cincinnati. Race and class are the No. 1 problem in Cincinnati," he said.
Why he did not just come out and attack the capitalists and call for a proletariat strike is beyond me. I am sure Mr. Crum could be an old school socialist or a full-blown Stalinist, but those distinctions are only a matter of an "if it walks like a duck" difference.

Also from this article, since when is Monica R. Williams of the Coalition for a Just Cincinnati a "boycott leader?" Last I knew she was not even one of the "co-chairs" of the CJC? She was wrong about Deter's comments. Deter's come across as harsh, but they are a fact. The image of intercity under 30 year old blacks is the same one portrayed in the media as "gang culture." Deter's saying this comes across to many as bigoted and racist, but it is still true. Now, why it is true is an issue that is far more debatable and where I am sure Mr. Deter's might spew some rather ignorant opinions if he were to be off the record. I am surprised the CJC and its racist cabal have not disrupted more forum events. Since many of them have been in “those” neighborhoods, I guess the CJC is scared to venture in to them. When I say “those” of course I mean Westwood, Price Hill, Mt. Washington, Hyde Park, and Mt. Lookout. The CJC’s super powers are not effective in places like that, so they stay as far away as possible. They don’t want to actually meet real white people. If they were to meet real white people, they might realize we are not the “devil.” That would just blow their whole “the man is keeping us down” motif.

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