Friday, October 31, 2003

Fangman Wins 1

I am no fan of Keith Fangman, but if we had this type of technology used by every police officer as was used here to clear Fangman, then we might not have such distrust of the police. Here is what I wonder: would this case have been considered racial profiling? Would the woman pulled over for running a red light have believed that she was pulled over for being black? The hidden subtext of the story is just as interesting:
Mitchem got tickets during a 21-minute traffic stop May 31 for running a red light and not having a driver's license. The next day, she filed a written complaint, claiming Fangman was disrespectful, yelled and wouldn't let her explain because he was trying to meet a quota.
Who did she talk to before going in and filing the complaint, the next day? Did she talk to any of the usual suspects (various activists) who upon hearing that it was Fangman pushed her to file the complaint? Will that story ever come out? Once again, I doubt it.

UPDATE: The Post's story is up and has the same facts. Still no one has any facts as to whom, if anyone, Janika Mitchem talked to before she filed her report. She is only 18 years old. It is likely she would have talked about what happened with some older. Who was that? Who did that person talk to? Did anyone connected to the boycott advise making the complaint?

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